I Did Not See this One Coming

When the Other Shoe Dropped Some time ago I suggested to my wife to start a blog on the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders, mostly from the perspective of parents of a child in the spectrum. That's how I ended up getting this blog set up and my wife wrote a few brief entries. I…Read more I Did Not See this One Coming


Endless Tantrum

My daughter is having a full on tantrum. She has been crying and screaming for over an hour. It doesn't help the fact that she was sick today and stayed home from camp. The reason for this tantrum is because we threw out an old piece of furniture. I also gave her a new set…Read more Endless Tantrum

Manhattan Visit

("Manhattan Floating in the East River")   My daughter and I traveled into the city to visit the Rebecca School today. She had a classroom visit this time around. When we got to the school, she was very shy and really didn't want to go with the teacher. I proceeded to walk to the social…Read more Manhattan Visit

Very Few Options

What can I say. When it comes to finding a school for a girl on the spectrum who is high functioning; there are very few if no options. It is not an option to home school or to move to another state. There is also another piece of the puzzle that is daunting. The extremely high…Read more Very Few Options

Emotionally Drained

As I sit here and type my first entry, I realize how emotionally drained I am. I never realized how difficult of a job it is to have a child who is autistic. The highs and lows that I experience on a daily basis is like a roller coaster ride that I can't stop! Today…Read more Emotionally Drained