Very Few Options

What can I say. When it comes to finding a school for a girl on the spectrum who is high functioning; there are very few if no options. It is not an option to home school or to move to another state.

There is also another piece of the puzzle that is daunting. The extremely high cost of financing a special child’s educational needs. We cannot put all our money into one child; when we have to consider our other daughter who also has special needs.

It is a mountain that I cannot climb at the moment. I really don’t see it happening in the future either.

I do see the other side of the picture, too. You need to have qualified teachers, therapists, and staff to run a top notch program.

I just wish that there was a school like that for my daughter who is on the spectrum. Wishes don’t make dreams come true.

I honestly feel that something has to be done in the public and private sector in regards to the children that “fall through the cracks.”


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