Emotionally Drained

As I sit here and type my first entry, I realize how emotionally drained I am. I never realized how difficult of a job it is to have a child who is autistic. The highs and lows that I experience on a daily basis is like a roller coaster ride that I can’t stop!

Today was especially draining because she didn’t want to go to synagogue. All the way to synagogue she shouted “I don’t want to go to shul.” It took all of my strength and then some to keep my cool. When we got there, we just sat in a chair and she just curled up in a ball in my lap. She said “I am tired.” I wanted to say to her “I am tired,too.” My other daughter joined me and wanted to be on my lap. All I wanted to do was sleep. It eventually got better and I got to pray. It was just one of those days.


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